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Called them on a Thursday to remove a wasp nest by our front door, and they were able to come get it the following Monday. They were professional and courteous, and seemed to do an effective job.

Igal Vainshtein
Igal V.

Very conscientious “pestologists” who enthusiastically explain why they are providing various treatments and recommendations.

Jamie Wolfe
Jamie W.

Dave Groves has been our technician from Rainbow Pest Experts for several years. He is always pleasant, knowledgeable, and quick to help when we’ve had a problem. It’s been good working with him and he makes our problems go away!

Steve Prestwood
Steve P.

I use Rainbow Pest Experts quarterly service and couldn’t be happier with my experience. Dave took the time to discuss the issues (mainly yellow jackets) and how he would take care of the problem. I have found Rainbow Pest Experts to be very knowledgable and courteous—top notch customer service!

Ruth Stanoch
Ruth S.

Rainbow Pest Experts came to my house and I was so very happy with the service. Phillip McNeal was so very knowledgeable and nice I felt like I’ve know him for a long time. He was very professional and knew exactly what to do. Excellent, excellent service!!

Terri Kaster
Terri K.

We have used Rainbow Pest Experts for the last few years for wasps in the spring and Asian beetles in the fall. Dave G. has always done a great job and we can’t say enough good about him and Rainbow Pest Experts!

Larry Aszmann
Larry A.

I was so happy with the service I received today. Trevor was knowledgeable, polite and efficient. I read reviews of other companies, and checked the BBB (Rainbow has an A+ rating) before deciding to go with Rainbow. I’m glad I did!

Marilyn C
Marilyn C

Wonderful, kind and helpful! My mouse experience was traumatizing and they put me at ease and helped to seal my home and set bait stations. I really appreciate everyone that I spoke and worked with from the people answering questions on the phone to who came out to my house! Thank you!

Micolette Paul
Micolette P.

Very professional and thorough with ample explanation. Would definitely use this service again.

Natalie Dousette
Natalie D.

Great service! My wife said she would divorce me if I ever cancelled Rainbow Pest. She doesn’t miss the mice but would miss the fast and friendly service.

Craig Westman
Craig W.

We couldn’t be more satisfied. And we had mice. Lots of mice. But the guys from Rainbow figured out where they lived, how they accessed the house…and they made a plan. It took a few weeks of baits and sealing holes and inspecting again, but now we don’t have mice. AND we learned a lot from the technician, about how mice think and react which helps us ensure they won’t return. They were very thorough during the first inspection, then notified us well in advance before they returned, and gave us a detailed description of what they did each time they returned. All in all, the process took just under a month, which they had estimated it would. Hard to imagine better service during a stressful time in owning a home.

Tim Brunelle
Tim B.

I highly recommend Rainbow Pest Experts! 1 treatment & I never saw another ant!

Michele Loth
Michele L.

No one else would do what it would take to get rid of our mouse issue. Rainbow was so thorough and worked hard to get into every nook and cranny and all the way under a large low deck to finally find the point of entry! Don’t waste your money with anyone else.

Katie Pinto
Katie P.

Dave our pestologist, took the time to explain Rainbow Pest Service to our home. Since we started with Rainbow pest, we do not see the carpenter ants anymore! I know if I have any question or concerns, that they will either come back out to our house and or answer them over the phone. Very personalized service.

JH Hullsiek

I have had Rainbow Pest Experts take care of my pest issues for over 7 years. When I moved into my home, I noticed a lot of mouse droppings. Rainbow came over and sealed all possible openings in my foundation and set bait traps in the basement. I have had NO problems since. Several times a year they make sure all the openings are still closed off and take care of any new ones. I also have them spray regularly for centipedes and spiders. I can’t say enough about how professional and knowledgeable Rainbow’s technicians are and the efficiency with which they do their jobs.

Shawn Chambers
Shawn C.

I have been working with Rainbow Pest Experts for more than 6 years and have always been pleased with their work. I also find them to be reasonable on services needed and amicable to be customer focused.

Suzan Spears
Suzan S.

We started using Rainbow Pest Experts in December 2016. They did an inspection of our property before we moved in and noted some mice activity. Dave took care of us and was great! He knew that I was anxious about the whole idea of having mice and he reassured me that he would take care of it. Every time I call Rainbow with a concern, they set up a time to come out as soon as possible. And my concerns are just that, my concerns because the issue has been resolved. We will continue to have a contract with them to make sure the issue remains resolved. They are honest, trustworthy and professional. I would give them 10 stars if I could! Especially Dave!

Rita Kelner
Rita K.

Rainbow Pest just did an inspection of our house today for mice and Dave was very complete both inside and out…even in below zero weather! We are very pleased with Rainbow Tree and Rainbow Pest.

Julie K
Julie K

Dave G from Rainbow came out to address an issue with some wasps/yellow jackets nesting in a gap in a retaining wall in my backyard. Dave was a real nice guy and answered all my questions. The yellow jackets were gone a couple days later and there has been no activity since. I would not hesitate to call Rainbow again in the future.

Dan Pysno
Dan P.

I can not say enough good things about the level of service I received from Dave Groves. He was professional, knowledgeable, did a great job communicating… Really appreciate all that he did.

Mark Jezierski
Mark J.

David is awesome! He took the time to explain to me about yellow jackets.

John Rasmussen
John R.

Amazing folks, they helped me over the phone and gave me great advice. I would recomend anyone who has a question about pests!

charles reed
charles R.

Great service, safe products!

Terri Bonoff
Terri B.

After using 2 other pest control companies with no lasting results for our mouse issues, I called Rainbow Pest. Dave spent several hours at our house sealing up entry points, installing bait stations, etc. It has been well over a year, and we have had no mice since that day. Amazing company; highly recommend!

Jenny Benowitz
Jenny B.

This has been a great experience from the moment I picked up the phone to schedule a consultation. We bought a home on a pond and wanted to make sure we didn’t have mice. Dave came out and spent well over an hour with me going over my concerns. He was very patient and thorough explaining my options and answering all of my questions. When they came back to seal up the house they left no stone unturned! I can sleep easy knowing that the mice won’t be joining me this winter! Very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend them and intend to refer them to all of my clients, friends, and family!

Misty Day
Misty D.

Dave provided great customer service and expertise. I would highly recommend Rainbow Pest Experts.

Joe Downey
Joe D.

Sam was very thorough and went to the root of the problem. Very happy with his work.

Gloria Reese
Gloria R.

Dave was awesome! He took the time to understand what we needed and put together a plan that fits our needs.

Jon Meyers
Jon M.

Dave G from Rainbow Pest Experts was very knowledgable and thorough during the mouse prevention service at my home. He took the time explain everything he was doing and answered all of my questions (I had many questions!). I would highly recommend Rainbow Pest Experts due to the excellent service from Dave G!

Natalie Strohmeier
Natalie S.

Rainbow is great! I use them both personally and also I refer them out in my real estate business. They are on time they’re honest and they really get the job done .

Angie W
Angie W

We did a lot of research on pest control companies in the Twin Cities area, and I truly believe they provide a superior service compared to their competitors. We had a rocky start with a late notice cancellation by the company for our first appointment and our technician being over an hour late for our second appointment. However on our third appointment, they were on time, friendly and efficient. And most importantly, we aren’t seeing anymore centipedes in our basement. We signed a year-long contract with them and I hope the service continues to stay on time.

Becky Fusby
Becky F.

Dave is awesome! He’s always on time, super friendly and extremely diligent with our mosquito applications. The treatment is ridiculously effective on minimizing the mosquitoes in our backyard. I would highly recommend Rainbow Pest Experts for their mosquito application and I have also used them for box elder bug application which was highly effective as well!

K Russ
K R.

Dave Groves is an excellent Pestologist! He’s very timely, thorough, and personable. We have nothing but great things to say about Rainbow Pest and Dave as our Pestologist!

Jessica Holzemer
Jessica H.

They do fantastic work for many different pest concerns for our home, for all seasons. They even think of things I wouldn’t have thought about that cater specifically to our family and our home. They are comprehensive, extremely knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. Would highly recommend for any pest control needs in the Cities!

Jeanette Steffl
Jeanette S.

Knowledge, friendly, & helpful.

EmJay Hong
EmJay H.

Eliminated wasp nest under stoop at back door. Also, signed up for three times per year preventative treatment. Showed up on time and very courteous. Would recommend.

Santino Miller
Santino M.

Matt and Tavaras from Rainbow Pest Experts stopped by this afternoon, and I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge, friendliness, and expediency. They clearly know what they are talking about and answered the many questions I had. I highly recommend Rainbow Pest Experts to anyone looking to control any unwanted pests!

Blaine White
Blaine W.

I had David come out and do a full house inspection, bait, and seal up. My overall experience with Rainbow from initial phone call to follow up emails after the service was provided was first rate. I especially appreciated the time David took to explain everything and let me know what to look for and what he was going to do to correct problem areas.

Jacob Wagner
Jacob W.

We’re very happy with the service we get from Rainbow Pest Control. We are on the annual plan and they are very responsive to any service needed in between regularly scheduled checks. This spring we saw ant hills in paver sidewalk. We called and Dave came out a couple days later – problem solved!!

Sandra Clough
Sandra C.

Rainbow has been keeping our house, deck and dock pest-free for years. Today, Dave Groves, (who is funny and SO personable) also took care of our second floor balcony – a space the Rainbow techs can’t usually access. The products that they use are not noticeable in any way – no odor, not sticky, nothing. We love Rainbow!!

Elaine Haydock
Elaine H.

We called Rainbow to begin ongoing insect maintenance as well as deal with carpenter ants we’ve seen inside our home. Our pestologist Dave was friendly, informative, and thorough. I especially appreciated that he gave me time to review the contract while he went around applying the treatment. I feel like all my questions were answered and he attempted to provide good treatment coverage while avoiding my fruits and veggies that are growing. I signed up for their insect protection plan and am happy to have them as my pest control service provider.

Katherine Smith
Katherine S.

Dave Groves is the reason I love Rainbow Pest, He is absolutely excellent!October 15, 2018: How lucky am I to have my pestologist be Dave Groves who takes such good care of our house so that mice are NOT hanging out here! He is the only pestologist that I will let into the house. Thanks, Dave!

Barbara Thode
Barbara T.

They got rid of my mice and came back to service as they promised

Marci Purinton
Marci P.

Rainbow Pest responded immediately to our aggressive hornet’s nest. They eliminated the problem the same day in a professional manner. When I left a message, my phone call was returned promptly by an extremely friendly and helpful representative. They were very competitve on pricing as well, so I will call them for my tree trimming in the fall.

Wendy Sacha
Wendy S.

Trevor did a great job getting our home ready for the Fall/early winter season. He asked questions, gave us great advice and proceeded to do all the necessary services. Thanks Trevor for a job well done.

Larry Rutkowski
Larry R.

We needed pest control quickly during a construction project and Jordan came the following day. He was polite, kind and clean , explained services clearly without pressure, and worked quickly and throughly. My friend also uses rainbow and referred us.

Cindy Crawford
Cindy C.

Tree removal was fast, clean, and staff is very friendly. Reggie the Stump Whisperer!

Nick & Krista Raykov
Nick & Krista R.

Dave G came out to my house to take care of some mice issues. He was extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and answered all of our questions. About one month after his initial visit, mice activity has noticeably abated. We then had him seal the exterior to prevent future mice incursions. I highly recommend Dave and the whole company.

Jenny Belle
Jenny B.

Dave and Alex sealed many gaps in our foundation that mice were invading. I already had the bait traps for the past month: they were eaten! I am hopeful that the mouse population will stay outside/die. Cute in children’s books, not my cupboards!

Margot Rideaux-Crenshaw
Margot R.

I went with Rainbow Pest based on a recommendation from my home inspector when I moved to my house in 2016. The spider population decreased significantly. The following season I decided to try another company (that rhymes with Inspite) because they serviced other houses in the area and had a neighborhood discount, and then I could also get a discounted packaged Mosquito mitigation deal… Needless to say, I wasn’t happy with either program. The next spring I called Rainbow back and they got the job done. Spiders & Centipedes rarely make an appearance in my home now, again. You truly get what you pay for!

John Gensmer
John G.

Great customer Service

Marty Andreasen
Marty A.

Rainbow Pest Experts- These people are amazing. They are kind, professional, and get the job done right. I would definitely reccomend their services and use them again. They did an amazing job of clearing out the pests from my parents house.

Travis Fisher
Travis F.

I highly recommend Rainbow Pest Experts. We inherited a mouse problem at our new home. Rainbow did a thorough inspection and sealed up the exterior with foam/cement/wire as needed to prevent the mice from getting in. They set bait boxes in the house to take care of the mice within. Our front porch was not accessible to check for holes, so they recommended we remove a few boards in order to inspect and seal up any problems. They did not charge extra to come back out when our contractor removed the boards. In fact, since we are on their year-round plan, they come back any time we need them outside of our regular service. They also put a preventative for Asian Lady Beetles and Box Elder bugs and well as the regularly seen insects. Rainbow Pest Experts treats the outside so effectively for bugs, that I don’t have them spray the inside of the house because I don’t need it. I really trust this company. We also have their lawn and tree services and have had wonderful experiences with those services as well.

Caroline W.
Caroline W.

Great Service and great people. I work in the Tree Care side of Rainbow and attest to the integrity and professionalism of these experts.

Tom Prosser
Tom P.

Very knowledgable staff, well equipped to deal with any sort of problem!

Christopher Borgerding
Christopher B.

We have a protection plan with regular service and have been extremely pleased with everything. Recently had the mouse protection service done and Dave did a great job.

Mark Rynda
Mark R.

Exceptional service! They always respond promptly to any service requests for our office buildings from crawling or flying insects to mice. They have always taken care of any issues and have helped with maintaining a preventative plan with quarterly site visits/inspections. We strongly recommend Rainbow Pest Experts for any pest related issues.

LNR Properties

I’ve been very happy with Rainbow Pest. From the people answering phones when I need to schedule a service to the people who come out to my house for service – everyone is super nice & easy to “work with”. Dave has been to our house more than other pest experts & I like that because Dave knows what’s going on from visit to visit. I like the consistency of having the same pest expert come to my house. Dave is great! Very friendly & great communication!

Ann Jacobson
Ann J.

Rainbow Pest Experts, Dave and Steve, sealed up our home today and set up traps. Their knowledge and use of proper materials is giving me great confidence. Their explanation and knowledge of knowing about pests and getting rid of them is A+. The cost of an initial or annual plan is worth it! Thanks Rainbow!

Donna Dahl
Donna D.

Service requested was to eliminate an ant problem at our office. The service was scheduled promptly and the technician was on time and very friendly and knowledgeable. Most importantly, the problem ants seem to have been taken care of. Thank you!

Adam Roberts
Adam R.

I called them on a Tuesday and they set me up with an appointment on Thursday. Was very pleased that they were able to fit me in. Phillip McNeal was the rep that came an he was 30 min early which was great! He did a very thorough inspection of the interior/exterior of the house an found spots that I didn’t even know about. He put out 12 bait boxes and even managed to get me a follow up appointment to plug all points of entry this coming Monday! Great customer service and very thorough! HIGHLY recommend!! Found them on google and saw good reviews and thought I would give them a try…very glad I did! I Highly recommend this company.

max arvidson
max A.

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Have you ever noticed that mice come back year after year, often in the same part of your house? The industry standard for dealing with mice is to bait and trap. While this can eliminate the current population of mice, it only provides a short term solution. Unlike our competitors, we work to eliminate the current population and prevent them from returning!

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