James Kress-Rickett 


I am James Kress-Rickett and I am a Pestologist. I have worked for Rainbow since 2021 and have been in Pest Experts most of that time. I am experienced in both insect and mouse control and enjoy educating customers on their various pests and leading them to informed decisions when it comes to their control.

I love working for Rainbow mainly due to our culture and the wonderful people in the field with me and at the office. My relationship with this company is the best I’ve ever had in my life throughout my history of employment. I can utilize my love of nature here in identifying insects and building off of my past knowledge of organisms and the environment. I also enjoy solving people’s problems for them and providing much needed relief from troublesome pests, there is a satisfaction with hearing what you did dramatically improved someone’s life and comfort at home. Overall, Rainbow is just a great place to work with great people providing necessary services with integrity and care.

James Kress-Ricket

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