Lady Beetles (Lady Bugs)

While most Lady Beetles/Bugs are considered harmless, the Asian Lady Beetle is an invasive pest to many homes in Minnesota. During fall when temperatures drop, they will start searching for a place to spend winter. Our fall insect service will prevent Asian Lady Beetles and other bugs from invading your home.

Quick Facts

  • Commonly congregate in very large numbers
  • Over-wintering pest
  • Eat aphids and the juice from the maple tree “helicopter” seeds
  • Females commonly lay their eggs on and around the female box elder tree
  • The best time for control is late August to mid-October
  • Control starts within 60 minutes of treatment
  • The product will remain effective up to 60 days


You may notice them congregating during the day on the exterior, concentrated on the south & west side of the structure where the sun is most prevalent. At night they will find cracks & crevices to get inside. During the winter months the insects will go into a dormant state. However, the warmth of a house or a structure can prevent a dormant state, causing them to stay active throughout the winter inside. This is why you may find these insects in your home throughout the winter.

What to Expect

What can be done to prevent them from getting inside?

Reduce as many access points for them as possible. For example; replace torn screens, damaged door seals and seal all cracks and holes around doors, windows, pipes, wires, etc.
All of these areas can allow insects and even rodents access inside.

Do they damage anything?

They have been known to stain curtains, upholstery, and even the siding on the outside when found in large numbers.

What you can expect with our preventative service.

We use a professional grade product to treat the exterior of the structure. Once dry (about 45 minutes) the product is safe to the touch, it will not stain or damage your siding, paint or foliage. Control will last between thirty and sixty days.

The water based microencapsulated product is designed to withstand a variety of weather elements such as wind, rain & cold. The “microencap” offers superior insect control.

Although it does not repel the Box Elder Bugs and Asian Lady Beetles, within an hour of contacting the treatment they will die, greatly reducing the number of insects that would otherwise infest your home. A minimum of 85-90% control can be expected.

Our service is warranted for 30 days.

*NOTE: in the event of a long fall, an additional service may be needed.