Mouse Control & Prevention in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Have you noticed that mice come back year after year, often in the same part of your house? The industry standard for dealing with mice is to bait and trap. While this can eliminate the current mouse population, it only provides a short-term solution. Unlike our competitors, our mouse exclusion and prevention services control the current population and help prevent them from returning by blocking all mice entry points!

Older houses in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area are especially vulnerable to ongoing mouse infestations because aging exteriors can provide multiple entry points. Contact the pest experts at Rainbow to provide longer-lasting control of your mice.

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Sealing a gap where mice could enter your home

What can you expect from our mouse control services?

Our mouse control and exclusion solution for Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area residents: get them out, keep them out! 

We offer a two-stage approach that allows you to choose your plan. Stage One focuses on controlling the mice you have now, and Stage Two provides mouse prevention, which protects you against future mouse infestations.

Incomplete mouse control services that only focus on eliminating the current population mean stubborn mice will return year after year. Mice can enter your home through openings as small as the diameter of a pencil. As mice find their way into your home, additional ones will follow the scent trail left by the first invaders, and once inside, they can reproduce quickly. We provide peace of mind by controlling the current population and helping to stop mice before they enter your home with our two-stage approach.

We’re proud to provide the most comprehensive mouse control services in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area. Rainbow Pest Experts are leaders in the mouse control industry. When you purchase our complete mouse prevention service, our experts spend approximately 4 hours on-site—double the industry average—to find and seal up mouse entry points. 

As leaders in mouse control, Rainbow Pest Experts offers a warrantied*, long-term solution for you.

*Warranty: If only Stage One is selected, you are covered by a 60-day warranty. If Stage One & Two are selected, you are covered by a two-year limited warranty which includes two free mouse-related visits within two years of the Foundation Seal-up date. Note that limitations outside of our control make it impossible for a Seal-up technique to accomplish a 100% barrier.

What can you expect from the mouse experts at Rainbow Pest Experts?

No one else in the Twin Cities area specializes in mouse control like Rainbow Pest Experts. We take the time to do the job thoroughly and professionally. Our complete mouse exclusion service includes stages one and two and takes an average of four or more hours onsite.

We begin by thoroughly inspecting your house to see where mice are hiding. This helps us determine how extensive the infestation is and the best locations for baiting and trapping to reduce the mouse population. Inspections are done using a toolkit that includes mirrors to view all possible access points, high-power flashlights, a shovel to view foundation entry points, and more. Our methodical approach eliminates the guesswork that comes with trying to do it yourself.

Additional frequently asked questions about mice

Doing it yourself can be costly and time-consuming. Hiring mouse control experts like the ones at Rainbow ensures the job is done thorougly. Our experts spend an average of 4 hours on each seal-up and use a variety of contractor-grade materials. Unless you are experienced in in-home repair, this could easily take a day of your time plus the dollars spent on necessary items.

While mice are generally not a serious health concern, they are known carriers of various pests and diseases that, in some cases, may be harmful to you, your family, or your pets. Mice can contaminate food and food preparation areas by coming into contact with them or leaving droppings. Although not as common, their droppings can cause asthma, especially in sensitive individuals. Equally important, mice are known carriers of fleas that carry a wide variety of parasites and diseases. Regardless of their mostly harmless presence, you may not want to share your home with them.

If you’re stuck in a pattern of trapping mice, only to have them return again and again, you’re not alone. Mice can enter openings as small as 3/8” near doors, windows, dryer vents, or foundation cracks. And Minnesota weather doesn’t help. The same cold that drives mice indoors seeking warmth also wreaks havoc on our houses as freezing and thawing cause damage over time. Additionally, mice do not navigate by sight like most animals. They navigate by scent and touch and are able to follow the ‘smells’ of previous mice leading to new infestations year after year. Older homes and neighborhoods near woods and waterways are especially vulnerable to mice. Sealing all exterior entry points is essential to long-term mouse prevention.

The most successful and permanent solution for mouse control in your Minneapolis home is to prevent them from entering in the first place! You will have a long-term solution by sealing your foundation and eliminating all openings through which they can enter a structure.

Rainbow Pest Experts has perfected the art of mouse exclusion, the act of locating and patching rodent entry points to reduce or eliminate future invasion. This requires in-depth knowledge of home and building structures along with knowing which structures are vulnerable to rodent entry. 

Whether you choose our foundation seal-up as a stand-alone service or as the final step in a mouse control package, we begin with a thorough inspection. We take the time to find entry points—spending twice as long on-site as the industry average. When exclusion is done properly, it minimizes the use of rodenticides and traps, providing a long-term solution to the rodent population within the structure. Note that limitations outside of our control make it impossible for any seal-up technique to accomplish a 100% barrier.

The experts at Rainbow Pest Experts have noticed an increased number of more intelligent, harder-to-control mice that display many qualities similar to rats. Check out our article on the growing population of urban mice in Minneapolis & St. Paul and find out if you have them!

Rats, like urban mice, can be an issue for city-dwelling residences. The way rats enter houses is fundamentally different from mice; therefore, the method to control rat populations is different from mice. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our rat specialists to discuss your options!

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