Why Hire An Expert?

You deserve the very best services available for your pest problems. Unfortunately the pest control industry is not known for having highly skilled employees. This can lead to poor customer service and unpredictable results. At Rainbow Pest Experts, we are committed to leading the industry through our expertise provided to you every step of the way.

pest control technician pointing to entry points mice use to enter home along garage door

Experience the difference an expert makes

Knowledgeable Staff – At Rainbow Pest Experts we pride ourselves on our high level of training. Our entire team is rigorously trained in pest biology, product application and safety, including our office staff. This ensures that every time you contact us, both over the phone and in person, you receive honest, clear and informative information.

Highest Quality Products & Equipment – As a local company, Rainbow Pest Experts understands you live in an extreme environment with unique challenges. We choose only the most effective, long lasting products for our climate. This reduces the need for re-application of pesticides in your home & environment. Best of all, you still achieve lasting results

Customer Care and Time (Quality over Quantity) – Your home is unique. Effective services require enough time to do it right. That is why we do not pay our experts on commission, an industry standard that promotes quantity over quality. Instead we schedule each job with proper time and pay our experts hourly. Our office staff is also trained to listen and answer all of your questions. There is no call timer or quantity quota to meet.

Safety – We value safety over profits. Although our products pose a minimal risk to pets and people, proper precautions should be taken to ensure safety. Our Experts are trained to choose, mix and apply products to ensure the lowest possible risk to you and your loved ones while still achieving effective results.

Peace of Mind Results – We are confident in our expertise. By combining our pest and product knowledge, we’ve designed treatment programs that are predictably effective and that you can count on. We stand behind our services with a satisfaction guarantee.

Experience the difference an expert makes today. From your very first phone call, we are confident you will see the Rainbow Pest Expert difference.

About Rainbow

Since we began in 1976, we have built our business by being on the cutting edge of what gets the best results.  Dedicated to scientifically proven methods, we are continually educating ourselves in order to provide the most effective solutions to you.

We have a commitment to ourselves and to our clients to do excellent work and deliver extraordinary service.  We believe in ongoing improvement as we grow in the community.

Residential and Commercial Services in the Twin Cities

Company Values

These are the guiding principles of Rainbow Companies. They are the parameters within which we work and succeed. To work here is to embrace these values as well as to support the rest of the team in creating a culture given by our values.

  • We Are Science-Based
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Direct, Honest, and Complete Communication
  • Loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Ongoing Improvement
  • Safety

National Products and Services

Rainbow Ecoscience
Rainbow Ecoscience

Tree and Plant Health Care Products, Services and Equipment for Tree Care, Lawn Care, Government, and Green Industries

Rainbow Ecoscience was created to provide reliable tools, backed by science, to benefit arborist practitioners and the tree health care industry. The industry is a growing market and our arborceutical products and services are shipped across the nation to a variety of clients including cities, tree care companies, lawn and landscape businesses, federal government agencies, golf courses, and even national parks. 

Rainbow Treecare Vegetation Management

The Vegetation Management division is working to revolutionize the vegetation management industry by providing utilities with game-changing methodology for managing trees near power lines. We help utilities provide safe, reliable power to customers through education, research, product development, training, and innovation.

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