Centipede, Millipede, and Moisture Pest Control Services in Minneapolis

Rainbow Pest Experts offers an exceptional pest control solution that fights against centipedes, millipedes, sow bugs, and more! With temperatures warming up and additional moisture seeping into the ground, spring leads to increased entry and activity of certain pests in your home.

Our professional spring service provides you with superior insect control because you deserve peace of mind and a pest-free home. With Rainbow Pest Expert’s spring moisture pest service or a Pest Protection Plan, say goodbye to your creepy multi-legged visitors. Contact our experts to schedule your service today!

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What can you expect from our spring pest prevention service?

Our spring pest service is one of the most important services for controlling pests such as centipedes, millipedes, sow bugs, silverfish, and other creepy crawly guests from invading your home. In spring, these pests wake up and typically begin their season by finding a water source to start reproducing and start the first life cycle. Consequently, we target them at the beginning of the season. This way, we’re interrupting each insect’s reproductive life cycle and preventing them from becoming established in your home in high numbers, making it more challenging to get rid of them. This service is available as a one-time single service or as a part of a yearly protection plan.

The process begins by having one of our expert technicians use a professional-grade product for exterior treatment, which can be applied regardless of whether you’re in the home or not! The spring insect service treatment starts working within 60 minutes of application and is warranted for 60 days. Our spring pest prevention service includes:

  • A technician will thoroughly inspect your home to identify the source of the infestation.
  • Our experts will identify possible barriers that will prevent the success of control.
  • Use of a high-grade professional product that not only takes care of your current infestation, but also prevents future infestations.
  • An EPA-approved, professional-grade micro-encapsulated insecticide product designed to withstand weather elements such as wind, rain, and cold. Once dry (about 45 minutes), the product is safe. It will not stain or damage your siding, paint, or foliage.

Why choose the pest experts from Rainbow?

At Rainbow Pest Experts, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality pest control in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and warranties on all of our services. Beginning with your first phone call answered by a highly trained pest expert, we will find the solution that’s right for you.

Once on-site, our pest expert will spend the time needed to thoroughly inspect all of the key areas of your Minnesota home and yard to get to the root of the problem. Your pest expert will explain what was found during the inspection. We review all factors concerning the safety of you and your family. Afterward, our pest expert will make recommendations and provide proven science-based solutions to best solve your centipede and millipede problem.

Additional frequently asked questions about fall pests

Moisture pests are insects that are attracted to dark, damp places such as basements, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. They include, but are not limited to: centipedes, millipedes, sow bugs, silverfish, and springtails.

Treatments are most often performed in the spring and fall, but can occur during any time of the year. In the spring, moisture pests like centipedes and millipedes move into your home due to excessive rainfall or when ground moisture forces them to seek dry shelter. However, in the fall, centipedes will come into your home seeking warmth as they look for a protected area for the winter.

Attempting to eliminate centipedes, millipedes, and other moisture pests can be difficult as they enter your home through tiny holes and openings around the foundation, windows, and doors. Trying to handle centipede pest control on your own can be time-consuming, ineffective, and potentially expensive. There is also the added concern of mishandling or misapplying insecticides, which can harm the health of your family members and pets.

There are a few steps you can take to prevent moisture pests from entering your home:

  • Remove leaf litter and mulch from around your home’s foundation to reduce the population entering your home.
  • Keep areas of the home that are usually high in moisture, such as basements, dry. Moisture pests usually die very quickly once inside your home due to a lack of readily available moisture.
  • Vacuum them up if you see them.

Moisture pests commonly found in Minneapolis and the rest of Minnesota are not dangerous to humans or pets and are generally harmless. They do not carry diseases that are considered health risks. They feed on other insects, including common household pests, and live in moist areas with decaying leaf litter or other organic materials. Moisture pests dwell in parts of the home with damp and dark environments, such as basements and bathrooms. They don’t bite humans unless pressed or squeezed. In the case that a bite does occur, temporary pain and localized swelling should be expected. Some millipede species can emit a smelly hydrochloric acid fluid that might irritate your eyes, or discolor, or burn your skin. Handling them with bare hands should be avoided.

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