Wasp & Hornet Removal Services in Minneapolis & St. Paul

At Rainbow Pest Experts, our wasp and hornet removal service targets wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets that nest on the outside of your home or in your yard. Already have one or more active nests? No problem! We offer preventative and remedial services to ensure no stinging insects nest on your home this summer.

Whether you are looking for a one-time preventative treatment, remedial treatment of existing nests, or a year-round protection plan, Rainbow Pest Experts can help keep you from getting stung!

A wasp building a nest on the soffit under the overhang of a roof

What can you expect from our stinging insect services?

First, our expert technician will thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior to correctly identify the type of stinging insect and where they are nesting. Next, we apply a professional-grade product to eliminate all current colonies (up to 20 feet high) on your home and yard and prevent new ones from forming. Unlike our competitors, we treat unlimited active wasp nests for one price!

illustration of wasp

Preventative stinging insect control will keep them out
Rainbow’s wasp & hornet experts can provide peace of mind with a preventative service early in the season (June through mid-July). We treat the exterior of your home with a professional-grade product that creates a barrier. Our preventative treatment focuses on common nesting areas. This includes decks, soffits, fascia peaks, and valleys. You can relax knowing that no colonies of stinging insects will make your home their home during nesting season. Our preventative treatment has a 60-day warranty against new nests developing during peak nesting time.

paper wasp nest on the underside of a roof

We also offer late-season nest treatments
If you find yourself with one (or more) nests on your home or property, we also take care of active colonies you discover throughout the summer and fall. We eliminate all active nests and guarantee they won’t return this season.

All stinging insect services include a 60-day warranty that ensures each nest we treat will be hornet & wasp-free. In the unlikely case the stinging pests are not eliminated within the 60-day timeframe, we will return and take care of it at no extra charge.

Why choose the pest experts from Rainbow Pest Experts?

At Rainbow Pest Experts, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality wasp & hornet control in Minneapolis. We offer 100% customer satisfaction and warranties on all of our services. Beginning with your first phone call answered by a highly trained pest expert, we will find the solution that’s right for you.

Once on-site, our pest expert will spend the time needed to thoroughly inspect all of the key areas of your Minnesota home and yard to get to the root of the problem. Your pest expert will explain what was found during the inspection. We review all factors concerning the safety of you and your family. Afterward, our pest expert will make recommendations and provide proven science-based solutions to best solve your wasp or hornet problem.

Additional frequently asked questions about fall pests

Honey bees are beneficial insects that pollinate flowers and plants. Bumble bees and honey bees normally don’t warrant any control. However, if their nest is in a sensitive location in or around your home, our experts know just who to call to assist you. Our experts can connect you with local professional beekeepers to remove the nest of bees without harming these beneficial pollinators.

Wasps are one of the few insects in Minnesota that are considered dangerous. Stings involve an injection of protein venom, which causes pain and slight swelling for most people. However, individuals who are sensitive to bee and wasp stings may develop reactions that include: hives, rashes, swelling away from the site of the sting, headache, minor difficulty with breathing, and upset stomach. For those with an allergy, a sting is a medical emergency. Wasps are aggressive if a nest is disturbed or food sources are scarce. An encounter with an angry wasp usually results in a sting or potentially multiple stings.

Bumble bees and honey bees do sting; however, they generally don’t sting unless provoked and generally do not warrant any kind of control. Bees are, in fact, beneficial to have around your yard! In the case that you, a family member, or a pet is stung, you can expect a little pain and a little swelling. Most stings occur from walking barefoot on lawns or handling flowers.

Getting rid of wasps and hornets as a do-it-yourself project is challenging, especially when dealing with large infestations or a colony of angry wasps. Our highly trained technicians use professional-grade products and safety attire when removing active wasp nests.

At Rainbow Pest Experts, we use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach. We have found this is the best method to get rid of wasps and prevent them from making themselves at home in and around your home. An IPM approach requires the combined efforts of you and our professionals for the most successful long-term results. This approach includes:

  • Applying a high-quality professional-grade insecticide to kill any active wasp colony.
  • Working with you on steps you can take to deter wasps from visiting in and around your home as well as crashing any social gatherings you may be having in your yard.

No, wasps and hornets make paper nests which pose no issue once the colony is treated.

In Minneapolis, when freezing temperatures consistently set in, all workers will die except the reproductive females; they will try to over-winter and start their colonies next spring.

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