Eliminate Mice Today!

Eliminate Mice Today!

Pest Prevention Service for the Minneapolis Area

We understand Minnesota climate, pest biology, product application, and safety. That’s what sets our pest prevention services apart from other so-called experts in the industry. Your pest, rodent, or insect problem calls for a unique approach depending on the circumstance. The Pest Experts at Rainbow are highly trained and committed to getting the job done right.

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Mouse Control

Mouse Control

Our two stage process eliminates the current population AND prevents mice from returning!
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Protection Plans

Prevention Plans

You can enjoy year-round peace of mind for the same cost as two or three individual service treatments.
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Ant Control

Ant Control

We can protect your home against ants with a one-time ant service or as part of a Pest Protection Plan.
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Customer Reviews

Rainbow Pest Experts
Based on 164 reviews
Phil did a great job! He is professional, courteous, and very detailed. He explained and addressed any concerns.
Customer service is impeccable.
I use Rainbow Pest Experts quarterly service and couldn't be happier with my experience. Dave took the time to discuss the issues (mainly yellow jackets) and how he would take care of the problem. I have found Rainbow Pest Experts to be very knowledgable and courteous---top notch customer service!
Dave and Alex sealed many gaps in our foundation that mice were invading. I already had the bait traps for the past month: they were eaten! I am hopeful that the mouse population will stay outside/die. Cute in children's books, not my cupboards!
James was thorough and professional. He listened to our issues, and treated every room. He also performed some extra work at our request. Excellent communication skills and service.
James K at Rainbow pest is the best! He did an amazing job and was thorough and informative. I will be having him back to do a revisit in the spring and for any other pest problems I may have in the future! Thank you so much!
I love that the inspectors do such a thorough job, are always right on time and polite, do a great inspection even if I’m not at home. I love that the keep my old house mouse-free!!
Excellent service
Excellent company! Highly recommend!
Dave our service tech is fantastic! Professional and very knowledgeable!
David Groves is so attentive to my pest concerns, and does a very nice job. He is very pleasant and friendly, and makes his visit personal. Thank you!
We have done business with Rainbow Pest for a number of years, but have been fortunate over the past year or so to have the same technician taking care of our home, Alex Best. Alex is knowledgeable, courteous and takes the time to ensure we are satisfied with the work performed on EVERY visit. Alex takes great pride in what he does and does an outstanding job. Thank you Alex for taking great care of us every time you are out to our home, we certainly appreciate you!!
We had a bit of a mouse problem. Sam came out and assessed what needed to be done. He was very clear and patient with explaining the process and answering any questions. He successfully baited for the existing problem, then he and Tavaris came back out later and sealed up the house to prevent any future issues.
Rainbow Pest Experts have helped me keep my 120-year-old duplex in great shape against ants & mice, which were a year-round problem before I started with them. They've always been courteous and considerate, including through the COVID pandemic, talking with me about how to keep me, the people I share the house with, and their employees safe. I recommend them without reservation! Update: today Mike replaced or filled interior mouse bait, filled cracks in the foundation, and did the exterior spraying, all in less than an hour. And we had a fun conversation, too!
Dave is awesome! He's always on time, super friendly and extremely diligent with our mosquito applications. The treatment is ridiculously effective on minimizing the mosquitoes in our backyard. I would highly recommend Rainbow Pest Experts for their mosquito application and I have also used them for box elder bug application which was highly effective as well!
David is awesome! He took the time to explain to me about yellow jackets.
Dave Groves is an excellent Pestologist! He’s very timely, thorough, and personable. We have nothing but great things to say about Rainbow Pest and Dave as our Pestologist!
We are repeat customers over the past many years. I have been consistently happy with their services. I love that they are a local, employee owned company that pays their employees a living wage and stands by their services.
Phil was very helpful in showing me where mice can get into the house and how best to keep them from doing so. Very easy to work with and definitely do business with them again if I need it.
My experience involved determining ways that mice had been entering the house and then sealing any openings
Rainbow PestExperts has been taking care of my home for over 4 years and it has been a WONDERFUL company to work with! Not only are they thorough and take care of any pests quickly and safely but they are so incredibly nice. I would not expect to have a pest control company become one of my favorite home care companies ever but they seriously are! They really care about my home, my pet and keeping our family comfortable! I lost my husband 5 years ago and they came out to my house multiple times to seal up my home, etc. and one guy even helped fix my garage door just to be nice. They are truly super cool and genuinely care about getting rid of any critters or crawlers and thank god because I definitely don't like doing it!
Rainbow completed a follow up meeting as the original date was in winter. Tech was very professional. I did have to resort to buying a different bait as the mice was just not taking any of the traps. I have not seen any mice activity. Hope it stays that way. I would recommend.
Wonderful experience as usual. Phil is a great, focused guy.
James has been polite, knowledgable, and professionally helpful and encouraging during all three of his visits.
Rainbow Pests Experts is great-have had them for years. Dave Groves just completed another visit-he is knowledgable, punctual, and pleasant. I plan to continue services only with this company.
I have used Rainbow for 20+ years and have never been disappointed. The employees are friendly, helpful, very service oriented and professional. They do a great inspection inside and out, applying just the right treatments to eliminate or minimize pest problems. I am very pleased with their services and highly recommend them.
I am starting service with Rainbow Pest Experts because the initial property inspection went very well. Very professional and a complete understanding of successful pest control requirements . Problem areas were identified and solutions were proposed. I learned a lot from Master Exclusionist and Pestologist Steve Kujawa regarding the exclusion techniques that will be applied. I look forward to having my pest problems solved during the next year of service.
We want to especially recognize the expertise and services provided by Rainbow technician Philip M. We had an especially difficult problem with mice entering the house from outside through an access point almost impossible to get to and close off. However, Philip spent considerable time and follow-up sealing off the access and we have not had a problem since. He has been very thorough on return routine care visits and would recommend him to anyone experiencing a particularly difficult problem.
We couldn't be more satisfied. And we had mice. Lots of mice. But the guys from Rainbow figured out where they lived, how they accessed the house...and they made a plan. It took a few weeks of baits and sealing holes and inspecting again, but now we don't have mice. AND we learned a lot from the technician, about how mice think and react which helps us ensure they won't return. They were very thorough during the first inspection, then notified us well in advance before they returned, and gave us a detailed description of what they did each time they returned. All in all, the process took just under a month, which they had estimated it would. Hard to imagine better service during a stressful time in owning a home.
Our experience with Rainbow has been fantastic! Jillian handled my initial call in an extremely professional manner. She was straightforward on the pricing of services and immediately understood my need to schedule someone as quickly as possible. James came out the next day and was very thorough in his inspection and explanation of the next steps. We felt confident in his expertise and contracted for Stage 1 that day. Even better, the cost of services was exactly what I had been told on the phone. Based on this interaction, we definitely recommend Rainbow.
Rainbow Pest Experts and James (the technician working for me) have been excellent to work with as our home badly needed a bait-and-seal for mice and other pests. Given I was late to the appointment at my own house and wasn't prepared, I would have fully expected any technician to show frustration. James did the opposite and was helpful & engaging. Our family will definitely use Rainbow again and highly recommend this local, employee-owned company. As for James, Rainbow has a high-quality employee on their staff. It's always great to work with people who represent their company extremely well. Thanks, Rainbow and co.!
Mike is extremely educated in this field. He was able to answer all of our questions with ease. He was mindful of the current pandemic, very thorough and walked us through the process. We live in a townhome seven and will be talking to our neighbors, friends and family. Would highly recommend!!!
These people know what they're doing, and they communicate well. 10/10 would recommend.
Food was good, relaxed atmosphere, prices fair and a close walk to several hotels for business travel.
Dave G from Rainbow came out to address an issue with some wasps/yellow jackets nesting in a gap in a retaining wall in my backyard. Dave was a real nice guy and answered all my questions. The yellow jackets were gone a couple days later and there has been no activity since. I would not hesitate to call Rainbow again in the future.
I am changing my previously posted review. I was concerned about the price/value of Phase 2 foundation sealing. I expressed my concerns and Rainbow responded immediately. The QA manager just left my home having addressed all my concerns. By purchasing the foundation sealing service, I have a two-year guarantee that will result in free follow-up should a mouse reappear.----- Update: our cat caught a mouse a couple of days ago; not a huge infestation or problem, but Rainbow came out to address the problem right away. Since we signed up for the two-stage service, today's visit did not incur an additional charge. The same service professional that has been working with us since the beginning did the work today. We continue to be very pleased with the quality, service, and value of Rainbow Pest Experts!
Rainbow treats our house every fall and is super easy to work with. They're always easy to schedule and show up on time. Least stressful service provider we have.
After years of battling mice I decided to choose the nuclear full frontal attack option and contacted Rainbow Pest Experts. They are excellent at what they do. We live in an 80 year old "dollhouse" with lots of nooks and crannies and they apparently managed to find and fill every mouse entry point as we have not had a single sign of a mouse since their visit. They examined the interior and exterior sealing every possibility with a special caulk that cures even in freezing temps. They also implemented hardware cloth and a battalion of poison bait stations with mind blowing sensational results!!! I highly recommend!!!
We had a technician named David Groves visit our home today for a service call. He was extremely friendly, informative, and took the time to explain what he was going to complete during the service visit. Overall, great customer service from David Groves.
Dave spent half a day at my home sealing up every nook and cranny to keep the mice out, and his work comes with a warranty! I couldn't imagine higher quality service or a nicer person. Here's a photo from inside my garage.
best company out there!!
Great experience with Rainbow Pest! I had ants in my house but they were gone after just a couple of days. Steve and Kamryn were very helpful.
Dave has always been extremely thorough, professional, and friendly. I have always been notified about upcoming service visits, even if they're just doing the outside. After their first inside service never had any more problems. I consider them very reasonably priced. Highly recommend!
James is a really nice guy and did a good job, as does David who more usually has come. Excellent service from this company.
Everyone there was very friendly and helpful.
Rainbow pest control make a big difference to our quality of life.
They came so quickly for same day service when I requested it!! They were super kind, did a great job explaining everything and implemented permanent solutions so that we should never have an issue again. Super appreciative of their services - they went above and beyond! I kept their card so that I can call them again in the future. Highly recommend!
Yellowjackets were nesting in the wall of my house and they got rid of them.
Dave our pestologist, took the time to explain Rainbow Pest Service to our home. Since we started with Rainbow pest, we do not see the carpenter ants anymore! I know if I have any question or concerns, that they will either come back out to our house and or answer them over the phone. Very personalized service.
Very prompt and professional. Would recommend for any pest elimination
We have been using Rainbow for nearly a year to help with some unwanted house guests.The people at Rainbow Pest have been incredible to work with. We were noticing a problem on a Friday and by Monday morning they were out helping us. Their service is professional, and you can really tell they care about the work that they do. Our technician Dave almost immediately diagnosed our problem and had all of the necessary tools to fix what was going on.I would highly, highly recommend turning to Rainbow for anything you need help with, they have been wonderful.
We use Pest Control mainly for Ticks! We have a 200 acre property and these guys come efficiently and get the job done quickly. Definitely worth it! Gives us peace of mind. Thanks Rainbow!!
When I purchased my 9 acre home, we had a mouse problem, terrible Box Elder Bug problem in the fall, and mosquitoes and ticks on the lawns in summer. I first hired Adam's pest control for the mice issue, but though I hired them for an exclusion, they did very little and never resolved the mice in the attic. I later switched to Aptive, but the chemicals they use are simply not the best. The result was that we still had a lot of mosquitos and the Box Elder Bugs were entirely unimpressed. I finally discovered Rainbow Pest Experts, and the upgrade in quality of results and service is considerable. Yes, they are a little more expensive, but not by much. And I no longer have to deal with mice, mosquitoes, ticks, or Box Elder Bugs. I'll also mention that the mice exclusion they did for the home was super thorough. They actually ran molded plastic strips along the floor of the garage where the foundation left a crack. They really sealed every possible entry point.My service guy at Rainbow Pest Experts is always Michael. He knows the home, and he is invested in doing the best job he can. I really appreciate his work!
Dave was awesome! Explained and answered every question I had, I learned all about the process as he performed an inspection, baiting, and sealing.He did a wonderful job and I really enjoyed working with him, I felt that he really cared on doing the job right and making sure I had the info I needed going forward. Very genuine.~ 5 months so far and no issues, and everything is holding up great through the winter.Very glad I gave them a try, highly recommend.
In working with Rainbow Pest Experts, I found their customer service friendly, their crew professional and their quality higher than I had expected. The team came in to do their jobs swiftly and explained the short and long term plan to eradicate the issue. Moreover, pests are gone! I highly recommend using Rainbow. 🌈
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Rainbow Pest Experts has been proudly serving the Twin Cities for almost two decades. We leverage Rainbow’s extensive research on effective pest control in the tree care industry to solve and correct pest control issues that also impact our living space.

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