Protect Your Backyard Paradise from Mosquitoes

Summer in Minnesota can be paradise. Except for the mosquitoes–sometimes referred to as the state bird–and rain. While you can’t do anything about the weather, you can protect your outdoor events from the buzz and bite of unwanted party crashers. The experts at Rainbow Pest Experts put together this list for fighting mosquitoes in your yard–along with current health information. Unfortunately, as weather patterns continue to shift, so do the areas in which insect and tick borne illnesses are found. 

If you’re planning a special outdoor event, or have a yard with lots of shade and vegetation,  you may also want to consider mosquito control treatments.  

family gathered around long table in backyard celebrating without being bothered by mosquitoes

Protect your family from mosquito bites at home with these tips:

Health concerns remain rare in Minnesota

Tick and mosquito-borne illnesses have increased worldwide. In contrast, Minnesota remains a relatively low-risk area for many diseases carried by mosquitoes.
  • West Nile Virus is present in Minnesota. Most people experience mild flu-like symptoms—or none at all. Statistics from the Minnesota Department of Health show that cases remain rare.
  • Dengue Fever has only been reported in Minnesota in people who contracted it during international travel.
  • Zika virus remains very rare in the US. Pregnant women should not visit areas with a high risk of Zika. Zika spreads by mosquitoes or unprotected sex. The mosquitoes that carry Zika are not found in Minnesota.
  • Encephalitis, or swelling of the brain, is a very rare complication from viruses carried by mosquitoes. These include West Nile and La Crosse, which are present in Minnesota.
  • Heartworm is a risk for pets that spend time outdoors in Minnesota.

If you spend a lot of time outdoors in your own yard, consider treating your yard to reduce the mosquito population by 80%. When combined with personal insect protection, you can enjoy the summer–without the constant swatting and itching.

Contact Rainbow Pest Experts to learn more about mosquito control services!

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