Tips for Do-It-Yourself Mice Control

Ever wondered how to manage a small mouse problem in your Minnesota home on your own? Below are tips from our team of pest experts on managing mice! Our do-it-yourself mouse control tips include where and what to place for traps and bait and how to keep them from returning.

Use mouse traps sooner as opposed to later!

If you have ever had a mouse problem, you know the frustration and endless cycle of trying to get rid of them. Unfortunately, we see all too often that once mice are no longer being trapped, the mouse control is removed and not replaced until activity is seen again. 

A far better strategy is to proactively place traps with the change in seasons, and in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro, this includes placing traps in the fall before they head inside for the winter. This allows for quick identification of a small problem before it becomes a big problem. Ideally, if you have ever had a mouse issue, we recommend having mouse control (baits and/or traps) in place all year long. And, remember to monitor bait stations and traps for signs of activity.

mouse problems

Where should I place mouse traps or bait*?

  • To start, place them anywhere past activity has been noticed
  • Traps and bait stations should be placed perpendicular to the wall and in dark corners
  • Below ground level, place bait stations up high where mice are entering if possible
  • Utility room and laundry room
  • Kitchen, pantry, and other areas where food is kept
  • Behind or under appliances, including stove, refrigerator, dishwasher
  • Under the sink

*Note: 6-10 trap or bait placements is recommended for a small home

black mouse trap that snaps shut

What type of trap or bait should I use?

  • Plastic expanded trigger snap traps baited with chocolate, peanut butter or something mice have already fed on
  • Rodenticide bait blocks in a tamper-resistant station

What if I catch several mice?

The reality is there is seldom just one mouse. Once they have gained access to your home, they can reproduce an average of 7 babies approximately once a month. This is why proactive trapping to monitor for new infestations is so important. If you identify a larger problem, you will want to consider more aggressive baiting and trapping, or contact a professional pest control company.

How can I keep them from returning?

If you have a reoccurring mouse issue, this is a symptom of a house problem. You likely have entry points in your foundation that are now ‘marked’ with residue left behind by previous mice. Consequently, this acts as a beacon, attracting new mice year after year. Therefore the best solution to your reoccurring mouse problem is to start with addressing your foundation issues. Unfortunately, with harsh Minnesota winters, entry points can develop in a house of any age. A comprehensive evaluation, along with a thorough foundation sealing is the best long-term solution to mice!

Have a mouse problem larger than you can handle?

Rainbow Pest Experts has perfected the art of mouse exclusion – the act of physically locating and patching rodent entry points to reduce or eliminate future invasion. First, our team performs a thorough foundation inspection to identify all entry points. Then, by using construction grade materials, we neatly & thoroughly patch gaps the size of a pencil & larger. 

When exclusion is done properly it minimizes the use of rodenticides and traps, providing a long-term solution to the rodent population within the structure. Read more about our comprehensive mouse control solution, or contact us today for help!

two pest control technicians sealing off exterior of home from mice entry

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