Summer Savings

For a limited time, save $20 off ANY single service or $100 off ANY protection plan* for continuous peace of mind. Regardless of what is bugging you, our experts have you covered.

  • Single service options include a one-time treatment for wasps, mosquitoes, ants, and more!
  • Protection plan options include insect, home, and outdoor only and come with an annual warranty that includes free call-backs. 

Review the options below, or contact us today to discuss which single service or pest protection plan is right for you!

Summer Savings on Pest Control Services


Year-round mouse + insect protection
  • 5 services per year
  • Year-round warranty
  • Includes foundation seal-up for mice


Seasonal or year-round insect protection
  • 4-5 services per year
  • Spring-Fall or year-round warranty
  • Covers most common household insects

Biting Pest

Seasonal tick + mosquito control
  • 3-5 services per year
  • Limited warranty
  • Spring & Fall for ticks
    Summer for mosquitos


Mouse + insect + tick & mosquito control
  • 5 services per year
  • Year-round warranty
  • Coverage for mice, insect, tick, & mosquito treatments
    Includes foundation seal-up

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*Offer valid for structural pest control only. Offer expires 7/15/23

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