How the Experts Approach Mouse Removal

Finding a mouse in your home can be unsettling, and many homeowners may try tackling mouse extermination alone. Unfortunately, when removing mice from your Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area home, some pitfalls may make your mouse removal attempts unsuccessful. The last thing needed is to worsen your mouse infestation or make getting rid of mice more challenging. Below, we outline how our experts approach mouse removal to help you avoid common mistakes and know when to call in the pros!

What is the first step in mouse removal?

An essential first step often overlooked by DIYers is to assess the size and scope of the mouse infestation. Our experts begin by thoroughly inspecting the home to see where mice enter and hide. Expert knowledge of mouse behavior, common entry points, and a thorough home inspection will uncover droppings, nests, and other evidence of mouse activity that a homeowner may miss.  Placing bait and traps in the best locations to target and exterminate mice is most effective after determining the extent and site of mouse infestations. Using a systematic approach eliminates the guesswork and frustration of trial and error–and mice not being removed from your home. 

pest control technician using mirror to find entry points mice use to enter home

Next, choose the right (and right number) of mouse extermination products

Traps and bait stations eliminate current populations of mice.

Various traps and baits are available for mouse removal, including snap traps, live traps, electronic traps, and bait stations. Knowing what products will work best and how many are needed is vital in quickly controlling a mouse problem. Our experts recommend the following: 

  • Plastic expanded trigger snap traps baited with chocolate, peanut butter, or something mice have already fed on
  • Rodenticide bait blocks in a tamper-resistant station
  • Place baits and traps near entry points and location(s) of activity, including at the top of basement walls near outside ground level, in kitchen cupboards, and storage areas.

While dealing with mouse traps can be unpleasant, they provide valuable information about the scope of the infestation. And when you no longer catch mice, it is a good indication that the current population has been eliminated! Have a bigger problem than you can handle? Read more about Rainbow’s Mouse Control Service!

Make sure you address their food sources

Ensuring your home is free of easily accessible food is critical for mouse removal. Mice can make a meal out of many items in your house, so thoroughly check all areas to eliminate possible food sources:

  • Store food in airtight containers (including pet food)
  • Regularly clean up crumbs
  • Eliminate standing water sources
  • Don’t forget about bird food and seeds! 

Do mice live in clean homes?

While a clean home is a deterrent for mice, even the most immaculate homes likely have a food source or two for mice to make a meal. Maintaining a clean, uncluttered living area will reduce the likelihood of a large infestation, making spotting a small one much easier.

Monitor, adjust, and repeat your mouse removal efforts

It is important to check traps and bait stations regularly for activity and make adjustments accordingly. Once you stop trapping mice, it is a good indication that the current population has been exterminated. Our experts recommend leaving filled bait stations in place, as that will assist in eliminating any new mice. It is typical to see mice return if entry points have not been identified and sealed up.

Is it possible to permanently get rid of mice?

Preventing future mouse infestations is possible. The first step in a long-term solution is to identify all mouse entry points, as mice re-use them due to the pheromone trail left behind. Once identified, each entry point must be sealed using professional-grade materials to block future access. Due to extreme temperature shifts in Minnesota and the settling of homes, you may need to repeat this process over time.

When should I call in a professional for mouse extermination?

Filling Mouse Entry Points

Our experts recommend seeking a professional if you identify a large infestation or your do-it-yourself attempts are not working. Of course, you are welcome to hire a professional at the first sign of mice in your home! Many homeowners determine that the guarantee of working with a professional is worth the peace of mind of knowing the job will be done right the first time.

Live in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area? Read more about our comprehensive mouse control service, or contact us today!

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